Art Solo 2023 《沐光飛行》Flying with the Light – 吳逸萱 Yi-Shuan WU Solo Exhibition | 2023.5.5-5.7

2023 年 4 月 18 日

「沐光飛行」吳逸萱個展 “Flying with the Light” Yi-Shuan Wu Solo Exhibition




於2023年ART SOLO藝之獨秀藝術博覽會之個展「沐光飛行」,藝術家將以「浮光留影」與「雲端光景」兩個系列作品為主軸發表,將觀者引領入穿梭於光影、天際的世界,召喚心中對於美好時光的想像與回憶。

地點 |
Art Solo 2023 藝之獨秀藝術博覽會
(台北花博爭艷館 台北市中山區玉門街一號)

展位 |涅普頓畫廊 Booth E08

貴賓預展日期 |
2023/05/04 (四) 12:00-21:00
公眾開放日期 |
•2023/05/05(五) 11:00-19:00
•2023/05/06(六) 11:00-19:00
•2023/05/07(日) 11:00-17:00

Concept of artist Wu Yixuan’s creation revolves around the good times in life. Mineral pigments and metal leaf are used to create a unique visual vocabulary to interpret light and shadow and sense of seasons, presenting poetic and warm pictures, and conveying the artistic conception of perfection and hope.

Observing the natural landscape of Japan with distinct changes in four seasons, and influenced by the flatness and decoration of “Rimpa”, in 2018 , she began to develop the ” Between Light and Shadow ” series of works. After drying the flowers and plants in different seasons, the artist uses the oxidation of silver leaf to transform the shape of the plants into dark brown shadows, and then impasto with mineral pigments. The flowers and plants in the picture seem to be full of vitality under the sunshine. It has a special aerial perspective and sense of presence. Flowers and plants that would wither with time, their blooming posture is preserved through this skill, and the irreversible time is kept in the painting, just like through the camera, the memorable moment is transformed into eternity on the photo paper, conveying the good precious times in life. The state of floating and flying also contains the nature of art that is free, creative and has no standard answer. The existence of shadows makes people feel the sunshine in the painting, which is a kind of warm and peaceful companionship.

Being in a foreign country, facing the changes in time, space, and distance due to the epidemic, the artist has some feelings about freedom, movement, and the emotions and bonds between people. In 2020 , she began to create the ” View from the Sky ” series of works. When flying, the complex information and connections from the surface are cut off. In the stratosphere without rain and thunder, the sky, clouds, and landforms that are reflected in the eyes outside the window are changing all the time, full of infinite imagination. The state of soaring in the clouds is a wonderful time to leave daily life and find peace inside. Layers impasto of Gofun and mineral pigments are used to create a unique high-altitude pure, clear, bright color and level. It is hoped that through the non-daily vision, the viewer can evoke memories of travel, foreign places, and hometowns, and look forward to the next one. Taking a flight becomes the motivation in daily life.

In the 2023 ART SOLO Art Fair’s solo exhibition “Flying in the Light”, the artist will present two series of works ” Between Light and Shadow ” and ” Flying with the Light ” as the main publish, leading the viewers to travel through light, shadow and sky world, summoning the imagination and memories of the good times in the heart.

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