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Neptune為羅馬神話中的海神,統御大海,掌管1/3的宇宙。品牌意義取其對宇宙浩瀚無垠的影響力,以及海洋詭秘莫測含義,塑造出藝術表現介入空間的各種可能性。秉持著探索宇宙的精神; 發掘具有才能及潛力的藝術家; 持續籌辦當代藝術展覽,以連結國際間文化藝術交流。
Neptune is a sea god in Roman mythology that dominates the sea and rules one third of the universe. The meaning of the brand takes its influential on the universe and the unpredictable of the ocean, shaping the possibilities of artistic expression in any space. We adhere to the spirit of exploring the universe; discover talents and potential artists; continue to organize contemporary art exhibitions and link up international cultural and artistic exchanges.

CEO 胡閔堯

1991 出生於台南
2013 台灣藝術大學美術學院雕塑系木雕專攻 畢業
2018 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科 雕刻碩士 畢業
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