【Made for convenience】勝田えみ個展 Emi KATSUTA Solo Exhibition | 2023.09.09–11.05

2023 年 8 月 18 日

勝田えみ為日本炙手可熱的當代藝術家,以雕刻女性的小丑雕塑、人性化的蓬鬆動物和長相可愛的孩子聞名。她將日常生活中的種種想像、探索,轉化成一件又一件可愛的小丑人物雕刻,並與觀者共創出一場猜測與臆想的互動遊戲。勝田的創作角色眼神不特別表述任何情緒,而是與觀者互動後,由觀者的直覺感受決定。展覽主題<Made for convenience>是藝術家從平凡生活中提出的思維與探討,期待與觀者站在好奇與發掘的角度,覺察生活中習以為常的行為與常識,進一步思考那些枝微末節的日常與自我的探索。展期為9月9日(星期六)至11月5日(星期日),開幕茶會舉行於9月9日(星期六)下午三點,我們期待您的蒞臨。

■ 藝術家簡介


■ 展覽理念

展名Made for convenience的發想,來自藝術家期望與觀者一同站在好奇與探索的角度,挖掘生活中習以為常的行為與常識,進一步思考那些枝微末節的日常與自我的探索。當人們為了「便利」而開始了創造和激盪,進而將這些「便利」廣泛地成為了大眾的基本知識,如科技對當代生活巨變的影響。但生而為人,反思諸如此類的常識與意義,我們會是盲從地隨波逐流,抑或是再造自我的嶄新風格,更是藝術家在創作中欲拋出的對談命題。


■ 勝田えみ個展<Made for convenience>


2023.09.09 (Sat.) 15:00


2023.09.09 (Sat.) – 11.05 (Sun.)

10:00-18:00, 週二至週日



Emi KATSUTA Solo Exhibition <Made for convenience>


Emi Katsuta is a popular contemporary artist in Japan, her creations are well-known for her female clown sculptures, humanized fluffy animals, and cute-looking children. She transforms various imaginations and explorations in daily life into cute clown sculptures and creates an interactive game of guessing and imagining with the viewer. The eyes of her creative characters do not specifically express any emotions but are determined by the intuitive feelings of the viewer after interacting with her sculptures. The theme of the exhibition “Made for convenience” is the artist’s thoughts and discussions from ordinary life. She expects the viewers to stand in the perspective of curiosity and discovery, to perceive the behaviors and common sense that are accustomed to in life, and to further think about the trivial daily life and self-exploration. The exhibition period is from September 9th (Saturday) to November 5th (Sunday). The opening tea party will be held at 3 pm on September 9th (Saturday). We look forward to your visit.

■ Exhibition Concept

The idea of the exhibition title “Made for convenience” comes from the artist’s expectation to stand with the viewer from the perspective of curiosity and exploration, dig out the behaviors and common sense that are accustomed to in life, and further think about the trivial daily life and self-exploration. When people start to create and agitate for “convenience”, these “conveniences” have become the basic knowledge of the public, such as the impact of technology on the great changes in contemporary life. But as human beings, if we reflect on such common sense and meaning, will we blindly follow the trend, or will we reinvent ourselves in a new style?

■Made for convenience – Emi KATSUTA Solo Exhibition
▷ Opening
2023.09.09 (Sat.) 15:00
▷ Period
2023.09.09 (Sat.) – 11.05 (Sun.)
10:00-18:00, Tuesday-Sunday
▷ Venue
Neptune Gallery 1-2F

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